Podiatric Care in Midlothian, VA

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Sports injury - Foot care in Midlothian, VA
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For over 29 years, the Midlothian, Virginia, area has known Dominion Foot and Ankle Center as the place for foot and ankle podiatric care. Our practice is dedicated to providing quality medical and surgical care in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle disorders for patients of all ages. We take the time to ensure that our patients are comfortable in our office and that they are receiving the care they need in order to fully recover from their foot problems.
From routine foot care to treatment of chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis, we offer effective solutions to correct all types of podiatric issues and alleviate foot pain. If you are suffering from common podiatric ailments such as warts and bunions, or need special regimens like diabetic foot care, know that you can rely on our podiatrist and our caring staff to provide relief.

Common Foot Problems That We Treat

-Ankle Sprains
-Arch Disorders
-Athlete's Foot
-Corns and Calluses
-Heel Spurs
-Ingrown Toenails
-Mycotic or Fungal Toenails
-Plantar Fasciitis
Great service, prompt and very friendly. Office was clean and organized.

Conveniently located in Somerville Office Park,at 239 Wylderose Court,Midlothian Virginia,23113,
we easy to access whe you need us. To schedule an appointment or request more information about our foot care services,
call Dominion Foot and Ankle Center at 804-378-1818 today.